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Thanks to Grainstore's years of experience in the grain and oilseeds market, we have contacts with farmers, processors, exporters and traders throughout Bulgaria and the region. Combined with deep knowledge of the markets and our effort to stay flexible helps us to always offer excellent conditions.

Analysis of each truck

We have the ability to receive goods at our facilities, some of which are close to sea and river ports and to the borders with all our neighbouring countries, to transport it from the grain depot or directly from harvest. Our large storage capacity and the fact that we analyze each grain truck at its entrance and exit from each of our facilities, allow us to sort by quality and prepare homogenized batches based on the specific needs of our clients.

Digital control

All the information about the quality and quantity of grain from our specialized computer ERP system, which all storage facilities and their laboratories are equipped and connected with, helps us to make quick and adequate decisions in the rapidly changing market conditions.


With nearly 3 million hectares of arable land for grains and oilseeds, and modest domestic consumption, Bulgaria is a net exporter. Every year a total of about 5.5 million tons of grains are exported, of which 3 million tons of milling and feed wheat, 1 million tons of corn, 1 million tons of sunflower, 0.2 million tons of rapeseed and 0.3 million tons of feed barley are exported.

Grainstore is also an active participant in this market, exporting mainly to Greece, Turkey, Romania,Cyprus, Italy, Spain and African importing countries. We also work with all international grain traders such as ADM, Cargill, Kofko as well as with international and local brokers.

In order to achieve optimal efficiency in our deliveries to clients, we use trucks, ships and barges by sea or river depending on the type of goods, its quantity and distance.

Wagon loading

At Grainstore, we try to cover the full range of services and goods that our clients need. This way, we benefit all our clients - from the farmer to the trader, to the end user. One of these options is loading of goods in railway wagons.

Our storage facilities, which offer this opportunity, are positioned in key locations in all regions where Grainstore operates:






We can safely say that all commitments in the form of current and future contracts for the supply of grain have been fulfilled on time and with the necessary quality parameters.

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