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We understand that farmers need a reliable partner in order to focus on growing the best quality crops. We know that processors need perfect and more importantly consistent quality of raw materials to satisfy their increasingly more demanding customers.

Understanding all this, Grainstore aims to be exactly this partner, offering products and services that successfully accompany the entire production cycle of farmers, as well as fully meeting the needs of processors for quality raw materials.


You receive a multi-component service.

Entrust your grain to us and you can run your business on your mobile phone.

We do everything for you and instead of you, including monitoring and maintaining grain quality, assisting you in selling your product at the best possible price, and even organizing the logistics around it.

Proven and reliable trader with many years experience

We cultivate a multitude of contacts with farmers, processors, exporters and traders throughout Bulgaria and around the world.

We are responsible

We always put the responsibility to the client and fulfillment of the undertaken obligations in first place; we will never replace your grain with another that is worse.

Large licensed storage capacity + high input and output rates

We have a large availability of licensed storage capacity - 365,000 tons in 20 storage facilities throughout the country - the largest network of grain storage facility not only in Bulgaria but also on the Balkans.

We are capable of achieving very high hourly input and output rates for the whole country.

We are specialists in sorting and qualification of grain

Our large storage capacity allows us to sort by quality and prepare homogenized batches based on our client needs.

Each storage facility has laboratories with the best NIR equipment for analysis of the main grain indicators, and a team of over 22 professional laboratory technicians that analyze each truck before entering and leaving our storage facility.

Digitalization and automation of the business

We emphasize the digitalization and automation of the business - all storage facilities have:

  • STORK automatic samplers
  • Electronic scales 14-18m
  • Centralized ERP system, which minimizes human error and maintains constant control over grain quantity and quality in every silo
  • Modern thermal control
  • Active ventilation

Fixed storage contract = guaranteed storage capacities

A fixed storage contract with us = guaranteed storage capacities. When signing a fixed-term storage contract with us we guarantee the required storage capacity for the whole year, even if you do not place any quantities during harvest.

We are a financially stable and trusted partner

Banking and credit institutions can finance your activity by providing you with secured loans on your grains stored with us, because they trust us and know that your grains will not vanish, nor their quality and value diminish.

Disinfection of the storage facilities

A leading company for disinfection services all storage facilities.



0tons in 20 storage locations

See all 20 Grainstore grain storage facilities and choose the most convenient location for you.

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Reviews form our partners

Papas Oil, Leading company in oilseed processing and trade in cereals and oilseeds

„Based on our mutual business, we at Papas Olio express our satisfaction with the opportunity to work with Grainstore.
From the experience we have, we can say that in the face of Grainstore we have found a company that meets the highest standards in the field of trade and storage of grain in Bulgaria.
The high professionalism of the team, the responsibility, the loyalty and the precision in the fulfillment of the undertaken commitments, the precise accountability in the fulfillment and completion of each contract, which are typical for Grainstore, are a guarantee for success in our mutual field of work. We believe other trading partners have the same experience.
Given the qualities and capabilities that the company owns, Grainstore is a reliable partner for a mutually beneficial cooperation in the future.“

Balea Group

“Understanding customer needs and providing quality services is at the heart of any successful business. In the face of Grainstore and their team we see a professional and reliable business partner."

ACM Montana, one of the largest companies for trading with grains, plant protection, seeds and fertilizers

„For years, we have built a valuable partnership with Grainstore Trading and Grainstore Bulgaria. Relying on the opportunity to use reputable warehouses throughout the country, we were able to expand our storage trade in agricultural products.

Thanks to the young and energetic team, Grainstore is able to react in any situation, providing the necessary resources and assistance to us.

Thank you for your efforts. We wish you success!"

Thracian Feed Ltd., part of Ajax Group

„Over the years of our cooperation, Grainstore has proven to be an extremely loyal partner in providing the requested quantities of warehouses for storage of grain and delivery of wheat, barley, corn and sunflower. The storage areas have always been in good condition, fully meeting the current standards in the Republic of Bulgaria for storage of cereals.
Grainstore has warehouses for storage of grain and other raw materials with a capacity of about 350,000 tons. and well-trained staff, which is a prerequisite for quality customer service.
Our lasting partnership is built on trust, honesty and professionalism and this gives us the confidence to recommend Grainstore as a reliable business partner to other potential clients.“

Pindos Greece, one of the largest poultry farms in Greece and the region

„The people that make up the Grainstore team are excellent partners, well informed about the grain market and very reliable. You can count on them!“

Lulis mills, Greece

„Grainstore is a high-class partner. We rely on the company for both storage and commercial services.
Grainstore always offers more than expected, and at the same time they are also flexible and stand behind every deal they commit to.
We are very happy to have found an extremely serious partner in their face, with whom we feel safe to grow in future in the region.“

Thrakis mills, Greece

„For the last 9 years, my company has been working hand in hand with Grainstore in the field of wheat trade. They have always complied with their obligations and responsibilities. Thus we accept the company as a partner who can be trusted. During the execution of our contracts, they were always precise in terms of their obligations, and delivered the wheat at the agreed time. We believe that Grainstore is a reliable supplier for our needs. My personal experience over the last few years is completely satisfactory.“

ADM, International Company for Trade and Production of Food and Cereals and Oilseeds

„As an international company, ADM works on dynamically changing high standards. For this purpose, we need a reliable business partner like Grainstore, which has an established presence on the market and has an experienced team of professionals! “

Kofko International

„Kofko International have been working with Grainstore from the very beginning since entering the Bulgarian market in 2018. For the last 3 years we have provided mutual support in two areas: trade and storage of grain. I can say that this was possible due to the professional attitude and desire of the team to find solutions even when the market has been volatile, which in fact happens to be normal for the grain business.“

Nitsiakos, the largest producer of chicken and eggs in Greece.

Working with Grainstore always gives us a sense of stability, assurance and confidence.“

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