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We understand that farmers need a reliable partner in order to focus on growing the best quality crops. We know that processors need perfect and more importantly consistent quality of raw materials to satisfy their increasingly more demanding customers.

Understanding all this, Grainstore aims to be exactly this partner, offering products and services that successfully accompany the entire production cycle of farmers, as well as fully meeting the needs of processors for quality raw materials.

The dedicated and efficient team, the long-standing experience, as well as the well-positioned and equipped physical storage facilities give us confidence that Grainstore will continue to meet the needs of all its clients and keep pace with new technological trends.

We believe that our primary responsibility to our clients, and all those who use our products and services, is to meet their needs with high and consistent quality. Our goal is to optimize costs so that our products are accessible to all consumers. Serving our clients must be fast and efficient. The work we do with our partners must be mutually profitable.



To be the largest and most reliable specialists in grain storage in the country and the most effective supplier of quality grain from Bulgaria.



Stoyan Valev

Grainstore Chief Executive Officer

At the heart of the services we offer lie our values and the responsibility towards our clients, my team of over 100 people, their families and last but not least our investors.

Not a day goes by during which I do not strongly believe in the success of our company precisely because I know that the beliefs described below are not only to adorn our website or the walls in our offices but also to inspire us and lead us on the way to the perfect service, on to constant development, satisfaction and the peace of mind that we do everything in our power to fulfill the goals we have set for ourselves and our society.“

Values to our customers


We are professionals in the field of grain storage, as it is our main activity. We do not offer it as a secondary activity, like many grain traders or processors who have excess storage capacities at a certain time.

Guaranteed storage capacity

When signing a fixed term storage contract with us, we guarantee your storage capacity for the whole year, even if you do not place any quantities during the harvest.

Material responsibility

By taking in your products for storage, we are materially responsible for the quantity and quality of the grain we receive.

Stable and trusted partner

International traders, who are also our partners, will buy and pay for grain, because we store it, even if it has a future loading date, as they believe that we can store it well and deliver it as agreed.

We do not "twist arms"

At the time of grain execution, we do not "twist the arms" of our clients to sell to us, because storage prices are agreed in advance. The client decides for himself, according to the direction of the market as to whom to sell his products.

Opportunity for sorting

We provide you with the opportunity to sort your grain by quality parameters, because we have enough storage capacity and a modern laboratory in each of our storage facilities.

Full service

A leading company for disinfection services each grain storage facility year-round. There is constant control over humidity, temperature and infection. If necessary, the grains are fumigated.

Preserving the quality

We will not replace your high quality grain.

Collateral for grains stored with us

Banking and credit institutions can finance your activity by providing you with secured loans on your grains stored with us.

Good location of the storage facilities

The good location of our storage facilities allows for excellent transportation logistics to the ports of Burgas and Varna, as well as to clients in Greece and Turkey.

Our values as a team are not only aimed at the clients, but also at the people of Grainstore, because we are responsible for them and their families.

Respect and gratitude

We respect them and acknowledge their value and contribution to the overall progress of the business.

Fair incentives

Bonuses must be fair and based on the amount of work done and the results achieved.

Safe working conditions

We require and provide conditions for a clean, organized, and safe workplace. We also emphasize on the opportunity for all employees to give ideas and share their complaints.

Development opportunities

We provide development opportunities for those who work hard, succeed and strive to improve every day.

Competent and fair management

We believe that we should seek, develop and promote only competent managers, mainly from within our organization. We support them in their actions, but we also make sure that they are adequate and honest with the people in their teams.

Social responsibility

We are responsible to the communities we work and live in, and to the world, not only because we provide jobs but because we are part of the global food chain. We need above all to be good people, to support worthy causes and to pay our taxes. We must encourage civil development and strive for better nutrition and education.

Caring for nature

We need to look after the assets we are privileged to use, by protecting the environment and the limited natural resources on Earth.

To our investors

Our business should make a fair and stable profit, while striving to innovate, look for new ways to deal with the problems we face every day, and seek to offer new products and services before our competitors .

We need to invest in new assets, build new factories and constantly improve our technology.

We believe that we need to set aside for difficult times.


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