Developed know-how

on the needs of animals, which we enhance with a strong team of nutritionists and veterinarians.

Partnership with the largest French manufacturer of premixes,

which has 25 nutritionists with international experience.

Laboratory for analysis of raw materials and feed via a classical method.


  • moisture
  • protein
  • size of grind and particles
  • brittleness of the pellet
  • fiber
  • fat
  • calcium
  • phosphorus
  • mycotoxins

High quality grains and raw materials

Our strength is that being part of Grainstore we have high quality grains and raw materials all year round.

We maintain a high level of hygiene

and the availability of disinfection systems prevent the spread of disease

We work with the most respected European system

to develop and track recipes Allix3

Modern factory and ERP management

We have a modern factory and an automated ERP process management system.

We provide ongoing support,

because our goal is not to sell feed, but to achieve better results with you.


Black Sea Feed


Easy Choice

"We are what we eat!"

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"The expert in animal nutrition!"

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Our aim

Our aim is to be the most efficient and flexible producer of feed – from its production to its distribution, through sales and process management, to consulting farmers, which allows us to provide competitive products and services to all our customers, BECAUSE IN THE END FOOD COMES TO OUR DINING TABLE.

We put the animals in first place!

We often forget another simple truth that animals have existed for thousands of years without consuming complex chemical mixtures. They need proper and balanced food as well as care. Therefore, in the production and trade of feed, we put the animals in first place.

“Black Sea Feed” brand

A complete range of compound feed for all productive animal groups and ages. Suitable for consumption by large farms and producers of meat, eggs and milk in the most convenient packaging - bulk or in bags, powder or pellet.

  • 30% of the team are scientists
  • Customized formula for recipes
  • Timely deliveries
  • Excellent value for money

“Easy Choice” brand- "We are what we eat!"

This range of products offers the purest possible food , which will result in animals growing in the most natural way, in packages convenient for the family farm.

Without complicated names Mega, Pro Max or confusing varieties.

Animal food with a carefully selected combination of:
Wheat and Barley
Sunflower and soybean meal
Natural Vitamins and
Necessary Minerals
Our Feed is:
WITHOUT preservatives
WITHOUT Fragrances
WITHOUT Steroids
WITHOUT Antibiotics

MG2MIX - "The expert in animal nutrition!"

It is no coincidence that one of the best animal nutrition companies in Europe, the French Mg2Mix, chose us as their representative for Bulgaria. On the one hand, they believe in our knowledge and experience, and on the other they respect our work in the area of pure and natural feeding of animals.

  • The company produces natural vitamins and essential minerals in the form of premixes.
  • They continuously share experience and knowledge gained in their 8 specialized farms for research and innovation.
  • Farmers from over 40 countries trust their products and experience.
  • MG2MIX has 25 specialists for consulting and fieldwork, and we regularly conduct joint training sessions with breeders in Bulgaria.
  • Annually, they produce natural premixes for over 4,500,000 tons of feed around the world.

!!! In 2050 antibiotic resistance will be amongst the leading causes of death in humans and animals.

Therefore, we believe and aim to reduce the use of drugs and antibiotics by:

Good farm management

Only natural supplements

The grain and oilseed company!

Biosecurity in the farm

Limiting the risk of introducing humans or animals from neighboring environments.

Formulation of feed and premix

Concept for the ideal protein levels, preserving the immune system of the animal and its digestive tract. Optimal levels of vitamins and trace elements, protected forms.

Veterinary support

Diagnosis and veterinary support to facilitate demedicalisation, water quality control.


Production Factory
Mlekarevo vilage, Nova Zagora, Fodder Plant

Head office
+359 882/949490

Sales Representative
+359 889/106044

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