Danube Flour

Flour Mill Gulyanci

2012-2013 Campaign - collecting grains for outsourced manufacturing

The new flour "Danube Flour" will stand out with its high and steady quality achived by the ability of our specialists in Grain Store to find milling wheat with the best qualitative indices. To guarantee the quality of its products The Gulyanci Mill will use only modern analytical and rheological methods for ascertaining the quality of the grains and the flour. A complete control system will be used in the production process and only the best natural ingredients with guaranteed origin will be part of our products."

Since October 2013, a new production unit has joined the family of Grain Store Bulgaria - the Mill in the Town of Gulyanci with 18 000 tones of storage capacity. The Mill, which goes way back in time and has a long history in producing flour goods for the people in the region, is situated on the Vit River and only 5 km distance from the Danube River. Just as close by is also the Nikopol Ferry which is an important link to Bulgaria with the country of Romania. 
With a productive capacity over 90 t per 24 hours and after the needed reconstruction and technological renovation the production of our new trade mark of flour - "Dunavsko brashno"/"Danube Flour" will start, which is going to be available in all our sales network and branches.
The new campaign for collecting the grains for the new toll processing season 2012-2013 began. For more information look for our info posters or contact directly the managers for your region. You can find the coordinates by clicking HERE.