We buy and distribute grain and oilseeds to makers of food, animal nutrition products and livestock producers. As licensed grain traders we continuously trade with farmers, factories and exporters and that means that we are in a constant position to offer the best prices and conditions to our partners. The grain can be delivered straight to our elevators but we are also able to pick it up from the farm or even directly from the harvester.

Quality control for incoming goods is very important in order to guarantee that each and every farmer can receive the best quote for his grains.

It also allows us to sort grain and oilseeds by quality parameters such as protein, hectoliter mass, oil content, Alveograph/Farinograph strength & elasticity amongst many others, permitting us to supply our clients with a constant stream of top quality raw materials to process in their factories or feed their animals.


Wheat Maize Sunflower Rape Barley