In most countries grains are among the most important staple foods. However they are produced on a seasonal basis. This means that in order to feed the world's population, most of the global production of maize, wheat, rice, sorghum and millet must be held in storage for periods varying from one month up to more than a year. Grain storage therefore occupies a vital place in the economies of all countries alike. This is also the case for Bulgaria and again Grainstore is an attractive partner.

With our 16 grain elevators and total storage of 350,000 tons we are very active in the storage of wheat, maize, sunflower, barley and rapeseed. We offer our clients a choice of reinforced concrete silos, bulk warehouses or corrugated steel grain bins with the first being especially useful if the client wishes to sort grains depending on quality parameters.

Our elevators are equipped with facilities for drying, pre-cleaning, bulk handling, active ventilation and thermal-control, which in combination with our experienced and motivated personnel is a guarantee for the safe long term storage of any grain.

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