It is our understanding that in spite of modern technology and scientific breakthroughs agriculture is still a business 'beneath the stars' and farmers need the support of a reliable partner in order to focus all their energy into rearing the best possible crops. We all rely on their success: to feed us, clothe us and keep the farmland healthy for the next generation.

We understand that end users and processing plants need perfect and even more importantly, constant quality for all their raw materials in order to satisfy their ever more demanding customers.

Our understanding of these issues helps us appreciate the ever growing need for reliable partners to show us the way and help us get there. We try to be such partners for our customers, offering products an services that on the one hand cover the whole annual farming cycle and on the other fulfill the requirements of processing factories and end users.

To manufacturers and end users we offer homogenous raw materials and more importantly we offer peace of mind. We can deliver the grains needed for every process and product with constant quality so that the factories run non-stop with the excellent quality required by the modern consumer.

To this end Grainstore has at its disposal one of the largest grain storage networks on the Balkans with total capacity of 350,000 tons. Our 16 storage locations are spread around the grain farming regions of the country and are well equipped to handle and store all types of grain. We have concrete silos for 80,000 tons, corrugated steel bins for 70,000 tons and bulk warehouses for 200,000 tons.

The dedicated and effective team, the years of experience in the business and the extensive network of storage locations gives us confidence that we will continue to satisfy our customers and flourish as a business for many years to come.